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“Stunning production of ‘THE ODYSSEY’. Amazing cast.”

The Odyssey

Written and Directed by

Andy Hoggarth

Odysseus journeys home. Penelope awaits her husband. Refugees long for peace. Is a new start possible after 10 years of war? A new visceral, physical theatre adaptation of Homer’s exciting adventure story for all the family.


The Odyssey is a terrific adventure story with Odysseus overcoming gods, monsters and rivals in order to come home. All Greek To Me have made this exciting for everyone with a cast of highly experienced actors. physical theatre, songs and puppetry.


The Odyssey is particularly relevant to modern audiences as it is a story about coming home after war. How does Odysseus become a husband and father again after fighting for 10 years?  The play also gives a voice to the innocent victims of war; the play begins in a refugee camp that bares a lot of resemblance to the Jungle in Calais. The refugees see Odysseus as much as a threat as a hero.


Andy Hoggarth, writer and artistic director for All Greek To Me, said: “This story is particularly relevant at the moment as the West struggles to react to refugees from wars in the Middle East and Africa. The Greeks had a word that we can learn from, Xenia, meaning the sacred duty to look after travellers as though they were your own family.”

Photography © Jonathan Court

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